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Rumors that vegetarians should do very complex recipes is false, the truth is that there are many options to prepare vegetarian dishes and rà fà ciles’ Quick, in fact, the variety of dishes that are vegetarian food makes an exciting journey to follow the path of health. 1. Read the tag s way more convenient to create healthy meals is to store some sauces and ingredients that have already been purchased, so you just have to open cans and packages when you need to prepare something rà ask, it’s generally a good idea especially if they are preserved beans, sauces, dried peas, canned mushrooms and tomato sauce. Always remember to inspect and read the package labels before purchasing and storing. Some products seem to be vegetarian but contain animal based ingredients such as animal oil. 2. Coca-nalos in the same way. The vegetarian dishes are similar to the dishes regular The only thing that does not contain is the flesh, this means you can cook like it has always done, only need a little knowledge to supplement their nutrients and a little creativity to make vegetarian dishes as tasty as meat dishes. A substitute for Protein is found in beans, nuts and vegetables, calcium in milk and green vegetables. To make something easy and tasty you can experiment with herbs and spices like chilies, now © win, thyme and basil. 3. Do not overdo always serving the same dishes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with serving vegetables, beans and peas, are dishes and healthy practices, but owed may remove the routine a little, well his family does not bore the same flavor, make the same dishes but this time owed may first seasoning with some onions, garlic and some pepper. 4. Serve snacks. In some cases all that is needed to prepare and serve healthy dishes is a little more time. To ensure that no family members come home hungry and ready for a great meal at 6 PM, serve snacks to delay their eagerness to dinner, pack some nuts, dried fruit, mixed fruit and cookies for bring to school or work. 5. Serve CrudoEl vegetarianism oil is another way to maximize healthy nutrients to your meal, it might try one night a week of eating raw vegetables, are considered healthy and not lose any of its properties through © s heat the process of preparation, some vegetarians who eat raw fruits and vegetables simply liquefy, however you can only choose simple salads with delicious dips and sauces.