Tuna pie recipe º n is a tipical Easter, so these days are far more suited to it s. There are multiple recipes for it, we have chosen that we have found s most easy of all: Ingredients for Tuna Cake No: 1 Cover pie. 2 cans of tuna º n. 1 egg. 2 tomatoes. 3 Onions. Oil. Manteca. Buttery cheese. Grated cheese. Casancrem cheese. Salt Pepper. Oregano. We put two or three tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan. Cut the onions in three small squares ± os and put them to heat. Cut two tomatoes into large squares. We provide heat in a small saucepan heat the egg ± aa (boiled egg). Open cans of tuna, the year the skillet adim ± © n, no oil in the cans, along with tomatoes. After year s © ± adim salt and pepper and mix everything. AA ± adim two tablespoons of cheese (casancrem) and oregano, turn to mix everything. When the onions are transparentes  ¨ ° is the signal that we will ± the finished cooking everything, for the tuna does not need cocci º n ³ n. Grease a  ¨ pizzeria ¨ and will one of the tops of cake, stretch it to cover well the bottom, then year ± adire the preparation n above the top of cake, we will also take the shell to the egg and cut into chunks, also incorporates Ndolo © n. AA ± adire buttery cheese into pieces and finally, put the cheese on top. The lid will close with another cake. We’ll put in the oven (medium / high) about 20, 25 minutes and you’re ready to eat our cake tuna º n.

In our cookbook recipes will s tart as tuna, and others such as breaded shrimp or cod casserole.