Lately, I am preparing low-calorie recipes, and among them I discovered how easy it is to prepare the famous orange chicken. And the best part is that they are really good. I prepare soil with a bit of basmati rice, repudiation © ndo prepare blank or with vegetables. Ingredients for Orange Chicken: 1 kg chicken drumsticks. 1 liter of orange juice (there tetrabicks of very good quality). 4 onions. Oil. Pepper. Sal started cutting in half every drumsticks and giving you the skin off, so that they are clean. Pour two or three inches of oil in the pan and fry the chicken until golden brown, reserve it and Saam. When we have gold to poach the chicken put the onion in the oil that left the chicken, but will have to remove the surplus, when we incorporate © golden chicken. After 5 minutes pour a liter of juice and let it be done with chicken. When you start boiling seasoned to taste. We left to be done until the sauce thickens, about 45 minutes later. As we do guarnicià ³ n basmati rice. Rice we do separate, blank, and the last one year when I ± adim to chicken, to suck the remaining orange sauce, the whole was delicious. If we decide to accompany ± arlo rice with vegetables is better than ± Adamos year not to suck the remaining oranges.

In our recipe can be found as more s recipes orange chicken, as well as other recipes for chicken breast, or other meats like pork loin.