As with the homemade bread to make bread and orange should be overturned in a container all the flour and make a hole in the center. On à © l incorporate parts of water, some oil and yeast. Remember that yeast should not come into direct contact with salt.

The carrot and nose n ³ n must be completely crushed, either grated with a grater or processed using a mixer. As take n very watery consistency, should n be used as a replacement mass parts of water. After © s to add that first year ± ³ n portions of water, go kneading incorporating shredded vegetables, which moisten the mixture n.

AZA No car can be mixed with grated carrot.

Knead until a bun with consistency and elasticity and leave to respir leavened. For a good proofing is advisable to cover the bun with a towel or napkin in a comfortable valid.

Once your size ± o ³ grew considerably carrying medium oven for about 25 minutes, depending on each oven so it is advisable to go control Ndolo to time. It will be ready when introducing a knife comes out clean.

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