INGREDIENTS: Base: 1 sheet puff pastry refrigeradoCrema filling: 150 gr. carla Aza No skin No one lemon (yellow part only) 200 gr. Laser-quida200 cream gr. Philadelphia1 type cheese tablespoon huevos50 maicena4 gr. of mantequillaDecoracià ³ n:  5 or 6 fresones3 kiwis1 plà tanoGlaseado: 100 gr. Aza º car100 gr. agua2 teaspoons of lemon juice n

PREPARATION: Base: Preheat oven to 180A °. Stretch the pastry sheet on baking sheet, cut strips of 3 or 4 centimeters wide and place it on the edges of the dough, puncture the base of the cake with a fork (only the base, not the edges) and brush with egg (I have not done) introduced in the oven until the edges rise and begin to brown. Filling: put in the glass of very dry Thermomix AZA º car and schedule 30 seconds, speed progressive 5-10. AA ± ada lemon skin very dry and set n 1 minutes speed 5-10. AA ± adim the glass all remaining filling ingredients and program speed 7 minutes 100Â º 4 (if n is the ingredients from the refrigerator year frÃos ± adim two minutes more s). Let cool and poured into the pastry once frÃos cream and puff pastry. Glaze: rinse the cup and put the icing ingredients. We schedule 10 minutes, temperature varoma, Speed 2 (I’ve done in a ladle in vitro). Assembly and decoration: while the icing is the fruit peel and thinly sliced we left and we placed over the cream decoratively. (We can use other fruits, which we like most s). We painted the cake with icing, carefully covering the fruit and leave it in the refrigerator until serving time. (MAA made a few kilometers before serving.)

Source: Thermomix Recipes, Other Recipes