All remember n this brilliant episode of the Simpsons, is episode number 10 of the third season, I’ll tell you a bit of that goes the story: it turns out that Moe’s is going through problems on Economic, Homer decides to tell Moe her secret, a drink that à © l bean invented and calls the ³ “Flash Homer” (Flaming Homer), Puah © to the kitchen and mix ³ various liquors and accidentally added ³ also © n cough syrup, then caya ³ a spark Patty cigarette and drink were set on fire ³ grants, giving them an extraordinary flavor. Moe asks Homer to prepare a couple of flares, “Homer” and a test client when he asks what it is called Moe and says “Flash Moe, thanks to this recipe is very popular pub, so much Aerosmith play live aha same and then pass a series of things that are irrelevant.

Now comes the good, the original recipe of the flare Moe, who fuá © discovered by reading the packaging of beverages Homer used to prepare: – Tequila, creme de menthe, Creme de Menthe, Brandy-Geneva-Syrup TOSL not know the proportions, but is questioning wedges investigate ³ n l is better. Beat all ingredients, put it in a glass and set on fire, it gives the flavor as well, giving them an unique. Discuss as they fuá ©!.

As an extra mana ³ Ignatian can view this chapter from the same post. If you want to see all chapters of the Simpson espaà ± ol latino visit this page.

Fire made it better!