The vitel tona ©, also called vitello tonnato © n or vittel thon, is a dish Typical Christmas and end of year ± o. The recipe is not complicated, consisting of meat with a sauce tuna. IngredientesPeceto – 1.5 kg (can be replaced by back) Leek – 200 gZanahoria – 200 gCebolla – 200 GAPI – 100 gSalsa: Mayonnaise – 250 cat º n the natural – 220 gCrema of milk – 100 cm3Anchoa in oil – 10 unidadesAlcaparra – 100 gPreparacià ³ nCortar leek , carrot, onion and celery in irregular cubes (no need much prolixity), bring to boil along with the entire peceto. It will take at least 20 minutes of boiling to get ready. To test, prick, the liquids coming out should be transparent and not red. Once ready leave to cool in the broth and store in plastic wrap until used. For the sauce, process all ingredients for the sauce with half the capers. The other half use it to decorate the plate at present. Cut the meat into thin slices and cover with sauce, garnished with capers that were not processed.

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