The Russian salad, also called Salad Olivier © n, is a Russian Typical dish that has spread widely in Europe and several countries of Amà © rica. While eats throughout ELAA ± o, is a classical music recipe for Christmas. The dish has some chopped vegetables in salads (see cuts of vegetables here) and bathroom mayonnaise ± ados, converted © NDOS in a salad easy to prepare and very tasty. There are many variations, some even has chicken or tuna º n. Here we will see your version more s simple, just made with peas, potatoes and carrots. These three vegales coma º n find it already cut and canned under the name of “gardener.” IngredientesPapa (potato) – 300 gZanahoria – 300 gArveja – 300 gMayonesa – 50 gSalPimientaPreparacià ³ nCortar zanahora potatoes and in salads, which will make it a size similar to ± or peas. Incorporate the mayonnaise, add salt and pepper. Other ingredients that can be added: Egg nGranos of chocloMorrà duroPolloAtà º ³ n (peppers) Nabo

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