The beef stew is a traditional recipe from the kitchen as few espaà ± ola. Many times we talk cuà ndo espaà ± ola kitchen comes to mind dishes such as paella or tortilla, for his great Acceptance ³ n with tourists, but dishes such as beef stew ± ado us accompany her all along of our lives. We each have our own recipe, as is done in different ways in each area, but all have a comma º n denominator. I have tried to find a recipe you can mà s traditional. Beef Stew Ingredients: 400 gr. beef. 300 gr. potatoes. 5 carrots. 2 potatoes beautiful. 1 onion. 1 garlic. 1 green pepper. 1 tablespoon pepper beef Choricero. 4 tablespoons tomato sauce. 1 laurel leaf. Romero. Salt Pepper. Oil. For this recipe we will use a pot rà ask, we make it soften the onion and garlic when the onion is transparent ©, aà ± adimen green pepper cut into large pieces. Meanwhile fry the peppers, season the meat and the sauce aà ± adimen. When the meat is © golden on all sides, we take beef and peppers and tomatoes choricero. We give a few laps and aà ± adimen carrots, sliced, along with rosemary and bay leaf. We cover everything with water or broth or stew, cover and let it do a half hour. After this time, salt to taste and aà ± adimen chunks of peeled potatoes and clean. We plugged the pot rà ask, let them do mà s 5 minutes off. It must have been a stew from category.

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