The meatballs recipe is very simple, but also © n laborious. then after making the mix must be made to shape and coat the croquettes, one by one. In my house this work hacÃamos three, hacÃamos a lot and we were frozen. The result is very good, then thawed out as well as freshly © n made, and once one gets better is to quantity. Ingredients for meatballs: 150 gr. Flour. 1 large onion. 250 gr. Minced meat. 100g. Of butter. 1 / 2 lt. Milk. Beaten egg. Breadcrumbs. Salt Chop the onion finely, and fry in butter until it is © golden, but not scorching. AA ± adim meat, seasoned, and fry until it is © made. Stir in flour and braise a bit, until lightly browned. Come year ± by adding the milk gradually, stirring in any public now, so that no lumps, until a paste homogenous © line, Ela stica, it does not stick to the pan © ny than hard. If necessary add more year ± s milk. Skip the mass to a plate and leave to cool. We put in two separate plates, beaten egg and bread crumbs. We take lots of mass, the size ± o we want, and we’ll shaping croquettes. We must pass each croquette bread Ndola by the beaten egg and the breadcrumbs, in that order. Once pies, fry in hot oil. The fry in groups not large, because if you put too much oil is then absorbed more enfrÃa s oil. When the chips are © n let drain on a plate with paper towel. Croquettes fridge on us and we will make another day. The croquettes fridge can make no desconjelar fry, but we must be careful as to cool it quickly n the oil and they will be more difficult it s made over high heat.

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